Eric Lemire


Hybride series African Mahogany and Maple

Drums :

  • 22" x 18" Bass drum
  • 18" x 16" Suspended floor tom
  • 16" x 16" Suspended floor tom
  • 13" x10" Tom tom
  • 12" x 9" Tom tom
  • 10" x 8" Tom tom
  • 14" x 7" Snare drum (Bubinga)


Since a very young age, Eric has had a taste for the drums and so decides to try his hands in a regional marching band. Soon after, he received his first drum set with which the rudiments of drumming became his main objective. In his adolescence, the left handed drummer began to develop his techniques heavily influenced by technical Thrash Metal. And with the arrival of Tech Death Metal (with American bands such as Death and their drummer Gene Hoglan), his style has been defined. 

Known mostly as the drummer for Melotech Death band [EVERTRAPPED], the only Canadian group to have participated not only twice, but three times in the prestigious Wacken Battle Of The Bands contest, Eric has been noticed throughout events where certain judges, such as Glen Robinson (AC/DC producer) and Jeff Waters (Annihilator guitarist), have praised his style of drumming and ability to master his instrument. He has also contributed to the recording of three albums of the aforementioned band (Tales From The Supermax, The Anomaly and Under The Deep) and two official music videos for which he was also the director. Previously, in 2002, he recorded an album with the band Ice Castle.