Our commitment


At Unix drums, we are committed to build high quality professional drums, everything we do is handcrafted in our manufacture in Terrebonne. Starting with our wood selection, including our shell structure, design and configuration, and our renowned and prestigious finishes, everything is done for one purpose, making the best drums that your money can buy. Our drums vary in price, because of the costs involve, specially related to the rarity of the wood we used. Some of this is due to the materials used.

What we do

However, it is the time and efforts in the construction, and the way we build our drums that is time-consuming. The solid wood we use have to be soak in water from hours to weeks in order to be softened prior to be steamed up to four hours in the steam chamber, and need to cure for as long as three months before we can start turning them into drums. We use a double 45 degrees bearing edge combination, then sand them by hand and test them on a granite table to ensure a perfect edge. All our finishes, either solid color or a stain color are achieved with the same high quality process. The wood is first protected with a vinyl sealer coat (to insure protection again temperature differences), then followed by numerous polyurethane sealer coats. A maximum of 3 coats per day are applied on our shells and are cured for a minimum of 24 hours priors to receive more layers. Four to six top coats are requires to achieve our super satin or mirror finishes. Shells that have a mirror finish have to cure for a minimum of one week before getting water sanding treatment and buffed to a perfect mirror finish.  

Our manufacturing process is one of individualizes drums, each drum are treated has unique masterpieces. That is just how we are. We have a vision and we put all our soul in our drums.

Our ultimate goal

We are committed to build the drum that you always dreamed to own, a drum set that you will be proud of playing, that is unique and special, that will allows you to fully express yourself, We want the drums we make to express your most intimate musical desires.