Stave snare with our wood hoops give the drums a much more organic and warm sound. Stick shot and rims hot are accentuated by the contact of wood on wood. We offer limited wood choice for that series, very hard wood are necessary to give the drum its maximum strength.

If you're looking for an instrument unique and warm, here's your answer.

You can refer to the wood gallery for the sound characteristics of the different woods.


  • Depth  : 5" up to 8"
  • Diameter  : 10" to 16"
  • Thickness : 1/4" up to 1"
  • Reinforcement rings : 5/16" X 1" high (on thin shells) 


  • Steel hoops : Steel (2.3 mm) 
  • Die cast (3 mm)
  • Steambent wood hoops 3/8" 
  • Strainer : Dunnett R-Class R40
  • Heads top : Remo Ambassador® Coated
  • Head bottom Remo Ambassador® Haze snare side


Fade, Burst and Solid color

We have unlimited color schemes for any burst or fade effect either on dual or single side finish. we slowly and carefully achieve our fading color in order to have a fluid color shift. Any lustre top coat can be applied for final protective coating. Choose whatever is possible, we'll achieve it. True Solid Color is guaranteed to never change or shift to another degree. Any solid color with micro sparkle of your choice can be possible for a minimal added fees. We use alcohol base ink stain to achieve a truly vibrant and holographic effect color on our dreams.

Natural Finishes

Our famous and renowned quality wood selection can't be more evident than being covered by our very prestigious natural wood finish. Either from matte to a very shiny high gloss, Discover again, the true beauty of wood in its most natural form.

High Gloss Finish

We do special care to achieve our mirror High Gloss finish, and for starter, we use an Italian born clear coating. Our High gloss finish is buffed to a 110 of lustre, achieved by a micro wet sanding up to 3000 grit and buffed to a perfect mirror finish, we take great attention to detail.

Matte and Satin Finish

All our matte or satin finish shells receive the same treatments that we apply on high gloss ones, minus the wet sanding and buffing. Matte (10º lustre) or satin (35º lustre) represent our most durable finish and are also the greenest option available.


Newly designed Single Point Lug

Unix snares drum lugs were designed with one idea in mind: Minimal shell contact. They are made of aircraft grade aluminum. This reduces the weight of the snare drum even further and offers in a more open, resonant tone. The floating insert is made of solid brass to guarantee precise tuning for years to come.


We use the Dunnett R40 Swivel Lever Quick Release on all our snares. The Dunnett R40 throw-off represents state of the art design combined with solid reputation. The R40 incorporates more refinements and functionality and is reliable.​ Includes Quick Release snare and butt side mechanism.


We use 2.3mm heavy-duty chrome drum hoops as standard equipment, except on the Pure series. This Provides consistent shape, tension and clearer sound to our snare drum line. 

Snare Wires 

In order to provide a sensitive sound, we use German snare drum wires made from coiled steel wires with phosphor bronze end clips. The shape of the end clips creates more contact between the drumhead and the coiled wires giving the snare drum a fuller, more responsive snare sound.



Wood: Maple 

Source: Canada 

Weight: Average 44 lbs/cu.ft 

Hardness: 1450 lbs 


Sound properties: 

Currently the most popular specie in the drum industry. Bright, open and excels in mids and high frequency. It have a controlled sustain, that make it suitable for studio environment.


Wood: Black Walnut 

Source: Eastern USA 

Weight: Average 40 lbs/cu.ft 

Hardness: 1010 lbs

Sound properties: 

Strong wood that can withstand extra weight with little deflection or bending. Has a dryer tone then Maple. 


Wood: Ash

Source: Canada and USA

Weight: Average 43 lbs/cu.ft

Hardness: 1320 lbs

Sound properties: 

Similar to Maple, with less sustain. A little bit heavier then Oak, warm, with controlled tone with a bright finish.


Wood: American Cherry
Source: North America
Weight: Average 35 lbs/cu.ft
Hardness: 950 lbs

Sound properties: 

Cherry is almost as strong as Maple but only 2/3 as hard.
Good attack combined with a warm tone describe this american exotic wood.


Wood: Red Oak
Source: Estern USA
Weight: Average 43 lbs/cu.ft
Hardness: 1290 lbs

Sound properties: 

Punch and brightness and a very good sustain. Very similar to ash. Oak is very versatile in studio.


Wood: Birch
Source: North America
Weight: Average 43 lbs/cu.ft
Hardness: 1260 lbs

Sound properties:

Second most popular species in drum making industry. More spectacular (when stained) than Maple. Crisper and higher pitch than Maple with less overtone.



Wood: Paduak
Source: Africa
Weight: Average 45 lbs/cu.ft
Hardness: 1725 lbs

Sound properties: 

Stiffness and strength is very similar to Oak shock resistance similar to ash. Crisp, very loud, brittle and clean but distinctive sound. Get a lot darker when aging.


Wood: Bubinga
Source: Cameroun
Weight: Average 65 lbs/cu.ft
Hardness: 1980 lbs

Sound properties: Bubinga can be an amazingly Wavy figured wood (very rare). Warm, low end frequency, good attack and lots of punch and nice midranges. Curently getting more popular in drum making.


Wood: African Mahogany
Source: Africa
Weight: Average 40 lbs/cu.ft
Hardness: 1070 lbs

Sound properties: 

By far one of our favorite wood. Incredible low end frequency with good mid-ranges. Have almost the same projection then Maple but with a much darker sound.


Wood: Canarywood
Source: Africa
Weight: Average 52 lbs/cu.ft
Hardness: 1520 lbs

Sound properties: 

It has a very distinctive high note, very crisp and powerful. One of the best wood for snare drum with lots of power.


Wood: Zebrawood
Source: Africa
Weight: Average 50 lbs/cu.ft
Hardness: 1830 lbs

Sound properties: Zebrano lumber is fairly hard, very heavy and very dense with good toughness and impact properties. Has a lower mid-range frequency than Maple. It has is own unique and defined sound.


Wood: Lacewood
Source: Australia
Weight: Average 55 lbs/cu.ft
Hardness: 840 lbs

Sound properties: 

While it possesses one of the most unique grain patterns of all exotics wood, Lacewood is sonically similar to Maple with more low frequency.